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5 powerful meditative movements to ease stress & soothe your soul

Time and tide wait for no man (anon.)

Tempus fugit (anon.)

and my favourite (from Alan Parson’s Project, Turning of a Friendly Card)

Time – flowing like a river…to the sea.

Yet…you feel tired. Stressed,  finding yourself in the rat race of daily life?

And all those New Year’s Resolutions…well, are they parked for now?

Hence I’ve put together a simple set of exercises of Qi Gong to help you to reduce that stress – in under three minutes.

Qi Gong St Albanspark, Basel

Scientific evidence shows qi gong to be beneficial for hypertension, cardiovascular issues, injury & inflammation, stress, anxiety, depression & sleep disturbances and much more.

Easy to learn exercises, that help you take charge of harnessing your inner & outer strength

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and when you’re ready to try it out with others, you can join me and others for a go at Qi Gong, out and about in the parks & countryside of Basel.