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5 reasons why Craniosacral clients cope better

Why do my craniosacral clients cope better than others?

    1. You have learnt how to harness the health that is always present within you, and use it as a support tool so you can cope with the rubbish stuff.
    2. You can see there is the potential for change in all situations, no matter how minor.
    3. You take time to take care of yourself, seeking rest, respite and recovery
    4. You feel safe enough to be seen, heard & held; being to being
    5. You have become aware of how you move and are placed in this world, coming home to yourself.

Here’s what one client recently reported:

“Highly recommend Shirley. She made a massive difference to me after just a few sessions and is continuing to do so. After a very rough year I feel I’m finally coming back to me. Rest, respite & recovery – exactly as she says in her description. Thanks Shirley” Vicky, Basel

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