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About Me


Hi there!

My name is Shirley Hiscock.

I am a Registered craniosacral therapist (CSTA) (EMR), as well as a Qigong (Chi Kung) teacher.

I have lived in the Basel area since 2009, when I moved from my UK-based small practice (homeopathy & Craniosacral Therapy).

I like to help people, primarily through the use of craniosacral therapy; a light-touch bodywork that redresses imbalances in one’s nervous system. See a short video here: Me explaining what I do

I am an ardent learner of Qigong and qualified as a teacher some years ago.  I teach “Out & About Qi Gong” in Basel and surrounding areas, offer workshops, small group classes or individual classes to all comers.  In good weather this is based in different parks and open spaces.

I first came to homeopathy during my second pregnancy in 1998, when I suffered a chronic illness that conventional medicine could not help.  The results kept me out of hospital, allowed me to have the home birth I wanted and inspired me to train and qualify as a Licensed Practitioner at the College of Practical Homeopathy, London.  I developed my practise into the field of craniosacral therapy after training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy at the Karuna Institute in Devon, UK, from where I qualified in 2009.  I now work solely as a Craniosacral Therapist, with specialisms in trauma, pre- and perinatal, stress & anxiety disorders and the social well-being of an expat community.

Since then, I continue to take various courses for continuous professional development:

2003 Licensed Homeopathic Practitioner Diploma, College of Practical Homeoapthy, London U.K. (4 years)

2003 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

2003 Quantum Healing and Natural Nutrition

2004 Phytotherapy

2004 Homeopathy for Skin complaints

2009 Graduate diploma in Craniosacral Biodynamics, Karuna Institute, UK (2 years)

2009 Viszerale Dynamiken< (Kathryn Ukleja), Da-Sein Institute, Winterthur, Switzerland

2010  Chi Kung Teacher Training, College of Elemental Chi Kung, London, UK (2 years)

2011  Advanced Chi Kung; Internal Alchemy 1, College of Elemental Chi Kung, London, UK

2012 Advanced Chi Kung, Internal Alchemy 2, College of Elemental Chi Kung, London, UK (2 years)

2015 Dragon Form Chi Kung, College of Elemental Chi Kung

2015 Raum, Sein und Werden, (Franklyn Sills, Cherionna Menzam Sills), Da-Sein Institute, Switzerland

2015 Emergency First Aid at work, St Johns Ambulance, UK

2016 Advanced Working with Babies, Mothers & Pregnancy (Sarah Nesling), CTET, UK

2016 Recognition by Erfahrungsmedizinischen Register (EMR) of former training including 150 hrs Medizinisches Grundwissen.

2016-7 Somatic Trauma Therapy, Babette Rothschild, London UK (1 year)

2017 Resolving Early Developmental Trauma with Spiritual & Psychological Approaches, William Emerson, Karuna Institute

2017-8 The Prenatal Person (pre- and perinatal psychology), Cherionna Menzam-Sills, Franklyn Sills, Karuna Institute, UK (18 months)

2017 Advanced Baby Body Language, Karlton Terry, ISPPM, Basel

2017 The Transformative Power of Feeling Safe: A Masterclass on the Polyvagal Theory with Dr Stephen Porges, CTET, UK

2017 Trauma & Healing: An exploration of mental illness, addiction & disease, Dr Gabor Maté, CTET, UK

2017 Healing Traumatic Stress: helping mind, brain and body to let go of the past, Dr Bessel Van Der Kolk, CTET, UK

2018 First Aid Responder Certificate

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