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All you want is to be seen, heard and received.

Today is the first day of a new year for me and I am so excited about the gift I received from my husband of nearly 30 years.

You see this little Sterling silver Vesta box respresents much more than the carrier of tooth picks – now that I’m getting a little long in the tooth!

It represents such a valuable resource for me.

If you know my work, you will know that I help you to connect with your inherent health through craniosacral therapy and the use of “resources” : –

The internal sensations, or the external people, objects, places – that speak to you of health, of ok-ness, inspite of whatever physical or emotional symptoms you’re experiencing in this present moment.

So, why is this little gift such a resource for me?

Because it shows me that
I have been heard
I have been seen
I have been received.

I had casually asked for this many many months ago, and my husband has scoured various countries on his travels looking for the perfect example. He found this in New York on a recent business trip.

Holding it makes me feel so supported, it literally makes me feel physically strong in my back – that someone heard me and has my back.

And THAT allows me to rest in this moment,

It allows me to be me.

To come home to myself.

So, if you are considering your long-term health goals for this coming year and want to explore working with your inherent health, your resources, your mental resilience, then book an enquiry call or taster session for the New Year and let’s talk about how I can help you come home to yourself, whilst living in a foreign enviroment.

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