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Turning Mountains Back into Mole Hills

Do you flounder from the expectations of who you should be?

How do you use your networks, and self-regulation mechanisms you’ve built up to prevent IMG_0792turning a mole hill into an unnecessary mountain?

Have you ever faced an insurmountable task and just wanted to run away?

Here’s an example of how the verbal tools taught in Craniosacral Therapy can help you to better understand how your body reacts in stress situations and how better to deal with the tricky stuff – because there is always the possibility for change.

Here’s a true story of how one boy harnessed his inner health:

A young lad admitted to me that he was really worried about an upcoming IB exam (International Baccalaureate).  Much was riding on the outcome of these exams, his own expectations, those of his nearest and dearest, doors opening to the best future.  The lad was feeling extreme pressure to perform.  I asked him to ‘play along’ with me.  This is how the conversation went:

“I feel really nervous about this one”

“OK, where do you feel this nervousness?”

“In my chest and maybe my hands”

“What is the sensation in your chest or hands that tells you you feel nervous?”

“Well there’s a tightness and my hands feel like they’re sweating bullets”

“So, inspite of all that’s going on for you right now, where in your body tells you that you are OK?”

“Uhmm…..” (This bit usually takes a bit of getting used to in clients).

“My feet feel comfy”  “How do you know they feel comfy?”

“They are warm and I can feel the texture of the socks when I wiggle my toes”.

“Ah Ha…..and what if you were to put your minds eye into your socks, with your toes and look up towards your hands, from that place of warmth  and comfy-ness?”

“Yeah, my hands don’t feel so sweaty”

“And how is your chest when you look at it from this place of comfy-ness?”

“It seems far away – like my exam nerves have been knocked back – faded somehow”

Very quickly this lad was able to access an internalised resource and use it to tone down the extreme feelings that had been bothering him, enabling him to enter his exam with a resilience and ability to cope better.

When you flounder from the expectations of who you should be, I will help you access the resources to know yourself in a deeper way, allowing you to trust your body and make choices from a more emotionally intelligent place.

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