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My Vision for You

Are you looking for a way

to step off the treadmill –

find a place of self-conneIMG-20160702-WA0000ction?

Is your head running your life – ignoring the messages from your body?

Maybe you’ve stepped off the plane, rabbit in the headlights, with a feeling of where am I? Who am I now?

When other methods aren’t working for you, then this is your next haven.

My philosophy:

I’ve  moved countries a few times in my life and I know it can feel daunting to integrate into a new community.  What I’ve noticed for myself is that I had to separate myself from my life-long community and support networks, taking me many years to redefine myself, to actually “arrive” in this country.  I can make that journey flow more easily for you, helping you to discover a whole other way of connecting and reconnecting with yourself as a new person.

As a craniosacral therapist I hear the language of the body and the body never lies.

My clients get seen

They get heard

They get held

Being to Being

By working together with me, clients relearn to see, feel and hear themselves.

When you flounder from the expectations of who you should be, particularly in a new community, I will give you the resources to know yourself in a deeper way, allowing you to trust your body and make choices from a more emotionally intelligent place.

Craniosacral Therapy is a fresh way of connecting and reconnecting with yourself and with others, new and old.  With it you can come home to yourself and integrate yourself into your new country, city and community.

Buyer beware:  Please do not blame me if you recover from whatever is ailing you during the course of your odyssey with me!

  • Are  you open to healing and growing?

  • Are you excited to discover yourself in a new way?

  • Do you want more awareness of how you move and are placed in the world?

  • Are you willing to stay with your process and allow it space?

  • Are you looking to be seen, heard and felt in an exceptional way?
  • Do you want to see, hear and sense yourself  in a different way?

If so, then my intentions for you are that: 

  • I allow you to have a place to come back to yourself
  • You will be healed of the separation from what you’ve always known
  • I provide a space for a different way of thinking, of honouring yourself, hearing yourself
  • I provide a space for you to feel who you are
  • As the body never lies, you will learn to trust and make choices from a much more emotionally intelligent place.
  • You will be able to step back from your healing process, allowing it to happen, just as your body needs, without your head getting in the way.


When you work with me, you can depend on me:

  • To give you respite from the treadmill of modern life
  • To give you the freedom to have your process how your body wants it
  • To hold the space so that you can experience your process without interference.
  • When something comes up, to hold that, as I am holding you

Here’s what just a few people have to say about me…..

“I do have to tell that you performed a blimey miracle – and really brought me back to a sane balance.  I have felt good ever since.  And again – the session was really really superb and I would swear on it” E, Switzerland

“I always loved receiving treatments from you and your listening hands and heart.”  J, Eire

“Shirley treated me whilst she was still living in the UK. I had a bad accident resulting in me being unable to move due to spinal trauma. Shirley treated me and within a week I was back on my feet, and still going now! I highly recommend her to any and all.” L, U.K.

Shirley Hiscock

The Expat Cranio

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At St. Alban-Anlage 59, 4052 Basel, Switzerland