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Early Bear Catches the worm…..

I remember, my mum always says she’s going to bed in December and to wake her up when the daffodils are up!

Hibernation at its fullest.

Winter time is when everything slows down, takes cover, in nature – returns to its roots; to consolidate, to save energy, to prepare for the forward thrust of spring. This is the dynamic stillness of winter that you can cultivate to your advantage.

Do you want to learn how to harness that dormant energy?

To consolidate it.

To embrace your inner strength, so you can meet the upcoming year head on?

Will you want to shake off the sluggish stupor of Christmas & New Year?

Here’s the chance to get wise, to be gentle on yourself; soft easy movements where you don’t have to strain.

You can feel light and spacious from relieving places of tension, mobilizing joints & connecting with your body through its framework, through simple Qi Gong exercises.

This Qi Gong workshop is aimed at all levels and beginners are more than welcome.

You will focus on:

Supporting your joints.

Harnessing your inner strength.

Increasing the available energy you have.


We’ll do this through gentle movements, postures and walks based on winter / bear Qi Gong forms.

It’s on Sunday 28th January at 09.15 – 12.30 at the Studio für Tanz (St Johanns-Vorstadt 70, Basel).

Three hours, with breaks, gives you plenty of time to start getting to know your joints, engaging them in movements that warm them up.

You can get more details here  and if you’re ready to secure your spot, then use early bird code: Earlybear for a 10% discount.

Let’s start to harness your inner health and use the energy of winter hibernation to your gentle advantage.

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Shirley Hiscock, BCST, RCST

Expat Cranio,

Out & About Qi Gong Basel