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Easy Does It

Shortly there’s going to be all sorts of adverts and posts coming at you about getting your backside in gear and working off the Christmas gluttony; down the gym, pumping iron, running, challenge yourself to do this, work harder to achieve that, set your New Year goals.
I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Pull the duvet over my head and wait until the snow melts.

There’s an overpowering tendency for everything to be stressful and our bodies are suffering from being over-adrenalized;

• irritable bowels
• chronic fatigue
• poor nutrition
• dehydration
• inflammation
• obesity or poor body tone.


At times I have battled with at least 4 of those.

How about you?

So why is it, with all of modern life’s challenges do we feel the need to force ourselves past our exhaustion and pain thresholds, simply to complete the latest exercise regime?

Competing with yourself and others to out-perform, over-achieve?

Keeping your body, unnecessarily in a state of high alert.

Have you ever seen an animal randomly go for a jog around the block? No…

Why not? ‘cos there’s no instinctual need to run when there isn’t a threat to them.

So why do we run, urging our bodies to produce adrenalin highs, refusing to listen to the messages our bodies send us?

There is another way.

How about, in the New Year, orientating to

Sunday 28 Jan from 9.30

• Balance
• increased
• mobility
• litheness,
• feeling uplifted
• relaxed and centred?

Be gentle with yourself. Get wise. Love your body this winter.

Start the year with soft, easy exercise, where you don’t have to strain.

Simple movements that are effective & power-enhancing whilst being natural, easy & enjoyable.

I’m holding a qi gong workshop, on Sunday 28 January, where you can immerse yourself in the stillness of winter –

because seriously, winter is here to stay, right through to at least March. Just because the calendar tells us the year has changed doesn’t mean the season has.

It’s still time to hunker down, and ease yourself into the coming year.

I’ll show you how to loosen joints and how they connect your body together.

I’ll teach you how to synchronize your breath with your movements, so that everything slows down.

You will learn to turn off that fight-flight button and switch on the rest and recover nervous system.

Want to learn more? Go here

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– and use the EARLYBEAR code for a 10% discount (until 31.12.17).
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Here’s wishing you a still and tranquil holiday season.