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Essence of Summer

Essence of Summer

So excited that my essence of Summer has arrived. Whilst I’m a little disappointed that we only managed to make 2.5 litres of Kirsch out of 240 litres of cherries, it is by far the best quality so far. It is the very essence of Summer.

It got me thinking, how it took me 10 days of solid picking, up ladders, balancing precariously. I got bruised and scraped. Then the cherries sat in their barrels and stewed for a few months before being sent off for distillation, where the magic happens.

The end result being a beautiful-tasting elixir of all the past months’ work – seen and unseen. I had a hand in it, for sure, picking the fruits, but they did all the hard work, changing at a cellular level.

This is somewhat like my clients. The ones that know that there is no quick fix when you dive deep. It takes time for the work to integrate between sessions, but the results are magical: You come home to yourself, to the essence of you, with the ability to manage change or overwhelm from this emotionally intelligent place.

So, if you are thinking about exploring your long term health goals in the new year, I am already taking bookings for January.

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