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Qi Gong & CST Events


3 60 minute workshops

When: Wednesdays June 5th, 12 & 19th 2019

Where: Shirley Hiscock, Expat Cranio, St. Alban-Anlage 59, 4052 Basel

Cost: 45 CHF/session or 135 CHF for all three

Join me to learn in depth about recognising your baby’s and your own shared inner story.

How was your pregnancy? What were the conditions in which your baby came into being?

What were the conditions in which YOU came into being?

How do you help teach your baby to differentiate between what is theirs and what is, in fact, yours? How do you differentiate between what is your and your parents?

With awareness and presence, you can provide a safe and secure environment that allows your baby to reveal their story. This act of recognising and acknowledging your child’s experiences allows them to regulate their levels of stress.

Being reminded often that they are safe, seen and received, allows babies to come out of a protective, defensive nervous state and come into being, into a growth state. Calmer baby, happier baby, more connected family equals better sleep, less digestive pains, less muscular tension, better resilience.

You will learn to

  • recognise your baby’s body language
  • down regulate your own stress response
  • down regulate your baby’s stress response
  • talk and play with baby to make them feel safe
  • be present and aware, negotiating with baby when you need to turn your attention elsewhere.

I will guide you through the practicalities of sensing your own story and telling it to your baby and support you through their response to that. Step by step, over the course of 3 sessions, you learn to hear your baby’s story and help them to differenitate between what is theirs and what is yours.

Ideally, it is best to allow yourself the time to explore over the three sessions, but it is open on a first come first serve for individual sessions. To be sure, book all 3 at once, if you know you can do that.

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Can’t make those dates, but interested for the next dates? I am working in conjunction with Basel Children’s Trust to put on more of the introductory talks and courses in Fall 2019. Sign up to be the first to be informed of the next dates.