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It’s stressful living abroad, where everything seems alien. Daily life can seem like a daily grind.

I help you to harness your inherent health, a potential that is always available, so that you are able to feel at home with yourself, when living in a ‘foreign’ environment.

I give you tools so that you can self-regulate your response to stress and I balance your nervous system through the light touch modality of Craniosacral Therapy.  You end up feeling lighter, calm, with more clarity and a higher stress threshold.

the safety of Shirley’s adept handling of each session has resulted in an innate sense of calm and being.” – C. Piccolo, Basel

I educate you to reconnect with your health within and to use your resources to achieve rest, respite and recovery from the stress, emotional and physical challenges that you face daily.

For me it’s massage for the mind and soul; it presses my reset button and leaves me fresh – I’m hooked.” M Wilson, Egerkingen

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If you have never tried craniosacral therapy with me before, then I invite you to book in a free 20 minute phone/video call with me.  We can chat about your needs and you get a chance to find out if this method is for you, and if you like the way I work with you, all for free.

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