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How did I get here & what do I do?

What is it I do with people?

I treat primarily the Expat Community, those who speak English or prefer English as their second language.

In a nutshell, I rebalance your Central Nervous System, which is everything within your Cranium, down your spine, to your sacrum.  It originated in Osteopathy, but unlike that, which applies force in order to correct inaccuracies in the body, CST is a very light touch, a light hold…..

So when your Central Nervous System is working smoothly, it communicates and regulates all the organs and different processes in the body, so you are able to have your health in balance.  And, this goes out of balance, whenever you meet a stress or any sort, be that emotional, psychological or physical.

Your body’s own physiological functions are perfectly capable of returning itself back to homeostasis as it’s, called, back to balance.  However, it can be that the Central Nervous System can become overwhelmed due to a particular event or a series of stressful experiences, and what happens is that your body isn’t able to return to balance and stays permanently switched on in its stress response.  And that breakdown in communication between the Central Nervous System and the rest of your body leads to ill health and some emotional issues – panic attacks, insomnia, migraine, neck pain, high blood pressure.

So we’re very good at separating ourselves from these experiences, until all of “that” becomes the very fabric of our life and my job as a therapist is to listen in to specific rhythmic motions that I am trained to palpate in the fluids and tissues of your body and help release all those long-held patterns of stress that cause ill health.

When you come in here, you get an hour of rest, respite from the day outside and recovery, because I work with what is good inside you, what is your inherent health.

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