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How to explore your stress response & its affects on your body in Autumn

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You want to explore how you respond to stress and how you store that in your body? Through connection with yourself, others and nature? You will learn some tools for stress relief, in the form of Qi Gong (Tai Chi) exercises.   There are sessions each week!

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Autumn is a time of slowing down, harvesting and storing, preparing for the dormancy of Winter.

There is a contraction in the air.  As the temperature drops and the season changes, water condenses to form layers of cloud in valley bottoms.  Condensing. Contracting. Retracting back into the Earth.

The growing, expansive season is over. Leaves dry and fall to the ground. The sap turns inwards. Vegetation is dying back.  It’s a time to discard all that is unnecessary, in order to conserve energy. Gathering in, storing food to see us through the Winter.  There is a sense of loss as the light begins to fade and the air chills, out of the sun, yet at the same time the growing cycle reaches completion; rotting, renewing the earth in preparation for further multiplication, come Spring.

Metal, derived from deep within the Earth’s core, represents the transformation of the materials of nature into pure “essence” – Nature’s Alchemy.  As Metal condenses, it retracts back to the centre. It is contained, with a sense of boundary.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Metal is represented by the Yin Organ, the Lungs, which are on the boundary of our internal and external selves.  They, in turn govern our skin and hair.  As the season changes from fruitful late Summer (Earth) to Autumn, we notice how our skin may dry or we become susceptible to coughs and cold.  Lungs and Skin, our two protective mechanisms against the external assault from the elements and pathogens can be strengthened through the practise of Qi Gong, helping us fight off or reduce the duration of winter illnesses.



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