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Imagine Being Able to Step off the Hamster Wheel

Are you on the hamster wheel of life?

Looking to step back from your place of overwhelm?

Is your head running your life – ignoring the messages from your body?

Do you feel the medical professions are also ignoring those same messages?

Then this is your next haven. Rest. Respite. Recovery

Where I’m coming from…

I’ve  moved countries a few times in my life and I know it can feel daunting to integrate into a new, and ever-changing community.  Have you noticed for yourself is that you had to separate yourself from your life-long support networks, taking you many years to redefine yourself, to actually “arrive” in this country?  I can make that journey flow more easily for you, helping you to discover a whole other way of harnessing the health, the strength that is inherent within you.

As a craniosacral therapist I hear the language of your body and your body never lies.

My clients get seen

You get heard

You get held

Being to Being

By working together with me, you relearn to see, feel and hear yourself.

When you flounder from the smothering expectations of who you should be, I will teach you to access the resources to know yourself in a deeper way, to slow down, allowing you to trust your body and make choices from a more emotionally intelligent place.

Craniosacral Therapy is a fresh way of balancing your nervous system,  connecting you with yourself and with others, new and old.  With it you can come home to yourself, step away from overwhelm and integrate yourself into your new country, city and community. 




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Shirley Hiscock, BCST, RCST, LCPH

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