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Is Qi Gong the same as Yoga?

I was recently asked by an interested party, is Qi Gong the same as Yoga?

So I thought you may be interested in a few answers to FAQs:

Q. What is Qi Gong

A. Qi Gong is an infinite variety of meditative movements from Ancient China, that harnesses more energy than it expends, leaving the practitioner feeling invigorated, strengthened and focussed. There are many different schools & styles. I teach a modern style that works with nature; elemental qi gong

Q. Is Qi Gong the same as Yoga?

A. There are many similarities between the two. Both use breath to direct energy around the body and various static postures. However, Qi Gong is rather like meditation in motion. It is based on the medical philosophies behind TCM, whereas Yoga stem from Ayuvedic. Whilst there are static postures, there is also much repetitive movement.

Q. Is Qi Gong the same as Tai Chi?

A. Some say that Qi Gong is the mother of Tai Chi. Both from Ancient China, Qi Gong pre-dates Tai Chi by several thousand years, but they both use similar movements. Tai Chi, however is considered a martial art, and Qi Gong was traditionally used to train and focus the mind of Kung Fu warriors. Kung Fu is at the other end of the spectrum; Tai Chi – Chi Kung – Kung Fu.

Q. What’s the difference between Qi and Chi, Qi Gong & Chi Kung?

Qi or Chi means energy and Gong/Kung means cultivation. It’s pronounced “Chee-Gung” The differences in spelling are just differences in the westernised spelling. In Switzerland, it seems that Qi Gong is preferred as a spelling.

Q. I have a medical condition – is Qi Gong ok for me to try?

A. Qi Gong has been scientifically proven in numerous studies to be beneficial for people with many debilitating conditions; hypertension, cardiovascular issues, injury & inflammation, stress, anxiety, depression & sleep disturbances and much more.

So let me know if you have a condition so I can adapt the forms to suit you.

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