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Letter to the Guilt-Ridden


Dear Friend

I’ve spoken many times about working with Expats, who are dealing with the challenges of overwhelm, living in a foreign environment and often what comes up is the feeling of guilt or regret around the new family dynamic.

Perhaps this is familiar to you.

  • The guilt of having to leave the care of an elderly relation to a sibling.
  • The guilt of having left a parent decades ago and now being too far away to help in their latter years.
  • The regret that you left before you started a family, and now you’re too far away for grandparents and family to regularly visit.
  • The regret that travelling to see family with small people in tow just seems too difficult.
  • The regret that relationships have been allowed to slide and now feeling distanced.
  • The guilt of feeling burdened by having to care for family from a distance, because there’s no-one else to do it.
  • The guilt of following your dream, living your purpose.


These feelings are often in shadow, unsaid between families.

Then when families come together, they can rise to the surface, leading to overwhelm, stress, homesickness and recurrences of old physical symptoms.

What is it your body is trying to remind you of? make you aware of? 

Awareness means choice.


I can help become aware of body’s messages,

help you come home to yourself,

so that you are able to reconnect with relatives and friends, with ease and flow.

If you’d like to find out how I can help you release long-held patterns of stress, to restore whole-body integration and to improve physical, psychological and emotional balance then  book a call