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Letter to the Professional on Leave of Absence

Dear Associate,

I see your frustration of being out of the office for so long.

I get the isolation you must feel,

no longer having that network of colleagues to engage with.

On top of that, you don’t seem to have a solid network of  your people around you –

The people who “get” you –

‘cos you’re not from around here.

You’re worried.

– About who’s gonna pay the bills
–  About the extra workload put on your colleagues, ‘cos you’re unable to work
– That they’ll bear a grudge when you get back into the job

– About keeping your job

At the moment you can’t even envisage having it together enough,

or even having the energy to get through one day of work,

let alone 50%,



I see you feel disconnected from loved ones.

P’raps it’s a physical distance,

or  a protective wall you’ve erected

‘cos you feel so overwhelmed by the pain, or confusion –

or that brain-fag you get from anxiety’

I “GET” that.

I hear that you’ve had enough of doctors, talk-therapists –

your story falling on deaf ears.

When I gently hold you between listening hands,

I get all of that – ‘cos your body remembers the score.

It tells its story and my hands are here to amplify that voice,

so that you too can hear that your body knows the way.

Life’s basic need is to be seen and received.

You CAN reconnect with yourself

Reconnect with others, your family.

You CAN come home to yourself.

And when you feel more like you,

you’ll find it easy to rejoin your workplace, however that will look

and you will have enough energy and confidence

to connect with friends and family

and then we can give a big sigh of relief


Together we have rested, found respite and recovered your connections.

Is this you?

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restore whole-body integration

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