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Letter to the Stressed Host

Dear daughter/son, mother/father, aunt/uncle, sister/brother.

You’re one or more of those, right?

And your relation is coming to visit`…

Instantly you feel the potential stress of a visiting relative.

I see your mind is racing 100 mph, writing lists of

– housework to be done

– shopping to get in

– sleep arrangements & furniture rearrangements to carry out

– new special diets to be catered for

– new physical or health issues to accommodate

– activities and places to visit, that suit the entire age range

– that won’t break the bank!

I hear that you feel as if everything is speeding up,

even though work is quieter & school is out.

All those practicalities to deal with surely saps your energy –

leaving you needing a moment to be still and recover.

There’s potential for it to be different this time; 

by using tools and techniques that I will teach you – 

so that this visit, you can choose

– not to get triggered,

– not to repeat old patterns of behaviour,

– not to give out all your energy.

Through a series of 3 x 75 minute in-person sessions for 372.50 (rrp 450 chf), you will

– Uncover how and where you store your feelings about your relation.

– Learn to recognise how your body reacts when you get triggered

– Acquire tools to help return your nervous system back to balance

– Receive 3 hands-on craniosacral sessions

– Get help so  you feel more at home in yourself & restore your equilibrium

Feel able to enjoy the relation, the visit, the rest of the season

without losing yourself.

Take this opportunity to learn how to BE in the presence of a visiting relation,

without becoming drained.


Chance to come home to yourself

to be able to manage the change from a more emotionally balanced place

and resort to old patterns of behaviour.


Book a free callto discuss how this short programme can work for you.


P.S. As a side note, a client recently remarked to me: ‘If only I’d known about this program before he visited – I would definitely have signed up for a session beforehand, instead of now having to process it afterwards. Maybe I’d have enjoyed his visit more’.