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Letter to the Trailing Spouse (who invented that term? Blergh)

Dear Mother, wife, daughter, ‘Once I had my own Identity’,

It’s a really hard place to be: to suspect that you’re not happy in the place you’ve ended up, to yearn to take the kids back to your homeland, where you know how things work, where your friends and family are.


The upheaval, the cost, the indecisions.
The double bind of grandparents elsewhere yet your partner’s job is here.
The kids seem ok…..but you’re not.
You are literally sick with worry.  Anxiety of having your needs met whilst doing what is right for your family.
Old physical problems have come back to needle you.
That’s what “Relative Calm” is all about.
Through craniosacral therapy, I give you tools over 3 sessions, so that your worry melts away and you can feel clear headed enough to make important decisions from an emotionally intelligent place.
Booking a callwith me here: enquiry call, gives you the chance to be really heard and allows you the potential to discover a new way of being with yourself, whilst you explore new possibilities.