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Moments of Advent Stillness Gifts to you

Take 5 minutes out of your day, running up to Christmas to try out each of these short videos.

All aimed at giving you a chance to slow down, regroup, come home to yourself.

Qigong is just one of the tools I use to support you to feel more at home in yourself.

Day 24: Introducing Madeleine Claire. Merry Christmas and thank you for watching. http://bit.ly/2rsetc2

Day 23: Hunker down and settle in.  Need time out from visiting relations? Spend it here: http://bit.ly/2rwchAm

Day 22: Be like Bear this Winter. Empower Body & Mind 19 January


Day 21: Come home to your senses this Winter.  Learn how to gather your mental resilience at Empower: Body & Mind.  Saturday 19 January: http://bit.ly/2rsetc2

Day 20: Inherent Health:  Access it below, or come along to Empower: Body & Mind.  19 January: http://bit.ly/2rsetc2 to discover 8 therapies, including CST.

Day 19: In the midst of this Christmas’ clamour, can you quieten yourself so that you can hear? Learn more at Empower: Body & Mind, 19 January: http://bit.ly/2rsetc2

Day 18: Savour the silence of a still mind.  Qigong is one of the tools I use during craniosacral therapy to resource yourself and develop your mental resilience.  Come hear all about it on January 19th:  http://bit.ly/2rsetc2

Day 17: Winter is a time for comfort.  Take care of yourself today with a minute or 5 of Qi Gong.  Get some Rest, Respite & Recovery with my Relative Calm program: https://bit.ly/2U57MKl
16: Be gentle on yourself; as gentle as falling snow.  Families can be cruel, repeating old patterns of behaviour. Survive and enjoy your family this season: www.shirleyhiscockexpatcranio.com/relative-calm/

Day 15: Relieve any holiday tensions by practising this for 5 minutes today. Need more help to get through impending visitors? Join my Relative Calm program: https://bit.ly/2U57MKl

Day 14: Keep grounded this Christmas.  There’s the potential to change the family story.  Find out how with the Relative Calm program:  https://bit.ly/2U57MKl

Day 13: Relative Calm is a program I run to help you not only survive but enjoy visiting relatives this season. This tool is part of the program to help you enjoy a minute of peace and Christmas serenity.
Book now: https://bit.ly/2U57MKl

Day 12: Warming up to Christmas, with techniques I use to support you feel more at home in yourself, whilst living in a foreign environment. Interested in a session? Book a discovery call:https://availabilitythisweek.as.me/

Day 11: Let go of your stress – just for a moment. Enjoy the stillness of Winter.  Learn more here.

or book Enquiry Call

Day 10: Help yourself to think clearly & feel at home in yourself when you are around family this season, with one of the tools I use to support you in my Relative Calm program: https://bit.ly/2U57MKl

Day 9:  Exhausted and adrenalized from your pre-Christmas rush around?
Try this for 5 minutes, for relief and a chance to gently mobilise. Just one of the tools I use in my practice.  Taster CST sessions available:   https://availabilitythisweek.as.me/

Day 8: Spirit away Advent Anxiety.  Book a personal taster class: Taster Class

Day 7: An exercise to bring you home to yourself:

Day 6: Make space in your mind:  Qigong or CST Taster

Day 5: Book a taster session: Qigong or CST Taster

Day 4: Book a taster session: Qigong or CST Taster

Day 3: Book a taster session: Qigong or CST Taster

Day 2: Book a taster session: Qigong or CST Taster

Day 1: Book a taster session: Qigong or CST Taster