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Relative Calm – possibilities to survive & enjoy visiting relations

A short plan to teach you tools to not only survive but enjoy a visiting relation. 

Chance to find Rest, Respite, Recovery.

A client recently booked in to defrag his system, following a visit from a relation.

“If only I’d know about this program before she visited.

I would definitely have signed up for a session before the visit,

instead of just to process it afterwards.

Maybe I’d have enjoyed her visit more”

Sound familiar?

Do you have an impending visit from loved ones this holiday season? Not sure how you’re going to cope?

It’s a bind, isn’t it?  In fact, it’s a double-bind.  You long for them to visit, but you can’t cope with the energy it requires to shop, clean, cook, entertain, arrange travel, visit old trigger patterns, witness how they’ve change, witness how you’ve changed, keep up conversation.


And all the while, you’re so caught up in the practicalities of the visit, and all that the visit entails, that you miss out on actually just BEING with that person. 

BEING in their presence. 

ENJOYING the short time you have together.

Without being drained by them, needing a holiday to recover.

Sounds like you?  Then, I am offering you the potential for it to be different this time.

A visit where you are able to recognise old stress patterns as they occur and put a STOP to them.

Using tools and techniques from craniosacral therapy and qigong, I will teach you, so that this visit you can choose

  • not to get triggered

  • not to repeat old arguments

  • not to give out all your energy.


Over the course of 3 x 75 minute in-person sessions you will

  • Uncover how and where you store your feelings about your relation
  • Learn to recognise how your body reacts when you get triggered
  • Acquire tools to help return your nervous system back to balance
  • Restore your equilibrium and learn to stay in it, whilst in relationship
  • Feel able to enjoy the relation, the visit, the rest of the holiday season, without losing yourself. 


Book a Call to discuss how I can help you  stay in relative calm and enjoy visiting relations, without the need for a holiday to recover.

This is a chance to learn how to BE different in the presence of a visiting relation.  Chance to feel at home in yourself and be able to manage change from a more emotionally balance place, without losing yourself to old patterns of behaviour.

4 Relative Calm sessions for 499.99chf (r.r.p. 660chf)

Take the sessions before, during or after your visit, to suit your needs.

Already know this sounds like you – then book the package here