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So what the heck is it you do again?

My friends and acquaintances have just about learned the long and complicated title I have – I’ve had it nigh on 9 years – but I sometimes think they don’t ‘know’ what it is I do….

It’s that strange thing to do with the back, maybe?
I’m a (Biodynamic) Craniosacral Therapist, and a Qi Gong Teacher (I’ll deal with that bit another time!)

So what the heck is it you do?
Cranio?= head
Sacral?= uhm….something to do with the bottom of the spine?
Therapist? = oh, someone who administers a treatment of some sort
Biodynamic – absolutely no clue what that bit means (actually, it simply means client-led)

So what? You do head massage? NO
No massaging takes place – head or elsewhere.

You work with only the spine?
NO – I will work on any part of the body – as directed by your body.

What the heck does that mean – directed by my body?
Well, I’ve been trained to use my hands to sense what’s going on in your body. Nothing is clear cut – I need to ask questions to clarify the situation, and often A LOT is going on in your body, but usually SOMETHING is shouting out for attention more than the other stuff – and it’s usually NOT the thing your head, via your mouth, thinks it is. Usually, you’ve been ignoring it, pushing it down, and when I finally raise your awareness to it, there’s a sudden light bulb moment.

Don’t you do something with “energy healing”?  

I don’t “DO” anything, to you at least. I facilitate you to do the work, even though you think you’re lying there and nothing much is going on. You do the work; that’s why sometimes you feel like you’ve done a work out, when you’ve laid on my table for 50 minutes, apparently gently snoring away.

So it’s some sort of voodoo or other?
(sigh) No, it’s a recognised qualification (here in Switzerland). It’s a very small branch of Osteopathy – and no, I’m not an Osteopath, I don’t manipulate bones. If you care to look, there’s plenty of evidence-based scientific research going on to back its efficacy AND plenty of people accusing us of quackery. Your health insurance companies recognise it – even the accident insurance companies now recognise it – and pay out for it. You think these risk-averse Swiss behemoths would recognise – and pay out for – it, if I were peddling unicorn horns and butterfly poop? I have had the pleasure of jumping through the countless hoops to prove that my qualifications are bona fide and I am EMR registered & as such, recognised by most insurance companies. Which means, if you have the right policy, your treatment is mostly paid for.
I offer a service that helps expats – primarily – to feel at home with themselves, when living in a foreign environment.

What does that mean?
It’s stressful trying to work out how a new town functions – especially in a foreign language, even after years of living here. It’s stressful with the schools, the shops, the local government requirements, the cantonal requirements, work etiquette. You never know if you’re being hoodwinked cos you’re Jonny Foreigner. You’re permanently trying to work out how things function, let alone trying to find where the best deal is, or who the best person to ask is.
Stress = hardened arteries, diabetes, migraine, neck pain, inflammatory responses, poor sleep, upset digestion (and you thought that was down to your increased intake of dairy products) – the list goes on…All manner of s**t that just makes you feel rubbish.

But I can help with that. I’ll re-balance your nervous system so you don’t feel frazzled, so you are not permanently in fight/flight mode – ‘cos that’s what I do. I offer you:

REST: 75 minutes – all for you and you alone
RESPITE: Time out from your stuff, your commitments = relief
RECOVERY: the potential for change, to regain control, physical & emotional recuperation.

So you step out of my office and feel able to face the rest of the day – actually, you may step out and think “what the f*** just happened in there – amazing” or as one recent client put it “Oh wow, I’ve never felt so safe in my body.”

And that’s it, that’s the nub of it. How can you function in an alien environment if you don’t feel safe in your own body? if you don’t feel at home with yourself?

So, that’s what I do – I help you to feel at home with yourself.

The benefits of that alone, will truly surprise you. You’ll feel more connected to yourself, your new community, your environment. You’ll be able to self-regulate your response to the stresses you face and deal with the mental, emotional and physical challenges that you meet in your daily life.

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