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What happens in a craniosacral therapy session?

These are the sort of things you might notice during & after a craniosacral therapy session: 

‘it feels energised in my feet & my head released a little towards the end’

‘I feel very calm, very alive’

‘You have magic hands – it’s incredible the difference I feel from beginning to end’

‘I have parts that are stable that can support the parts that aren’t’

If you feel you would like to experience craniosacral therapy but are unsure of what it involves, here’s a guide to what you can expect from me.

You can call me for a 15 minute free consultation, where I can explain in person how I may be of assistance.  079 129 82 58.  Or if you’d rather video call, we can set that up too.  I work alone so if you get my answer phone, you can always schedule the consultation to suit you, by booking it online:

Schedule Enquiry Call

  • Booking takes place on-line here.  You will be asked to fill in a patient history form at the time of booking either your “Taster Session Extended – CST” or your “New Client first Craniosacral Therapy Session”. It covers past clinical history and gives you the opportunity to tell me a little about yourself. Sometimes it will hit your spam, so please check there if you don’t receive anything & if you find this difficult to do online, then ask for a copy by email.
  • 1st full Appointment: This consists of some time, seated, getting to know each other and giving you time to adjust to the surroundings.  We’ll go through the form together in detail and have an indepth chat of what you want out of the sessions and how I may be able to help.
  • When you are comfortable to do so, I shall ask you to lie down on the comfy therapy bed, fully clothed.  You only need to take your shoes, large pieces of jewellery and glasses off.  I’ll make sure you have enough cushions and covers to be relaxed and comfy.
  • I will spend some minutes or so letting everything settle and, with your permission, will take up a very light contact with you.  I usually start at the feet, but depending on the circumstances I may also start at the head or the sacrum (tail bone).
  • It’s not unusual to take quite some time to settle into the session, particularly if it is new to you or if there are particular issues at the forefront.
  • I will change my contact with you, according to your needs perhaps holding your cranium or a particular joint or body part.  There is no manipulation, “adjustments” or applied force. Everything is negotiated very lightly and gently.  You may perceive things happening under my hands, but think of my hands as amplifiers – bringing your body’s messages into your present awareness.
  • At the end of the session, I’ll give you a few moments to readjust to your surroundings before encouraging you to sit up slowly.  You will then have an opportunity to discuss what you have experienced during the session.
  • At the end of the 1st session, I will suggest a course of action and perhaps suggest remedies or exercises that may help continue the work outside of the therapy sessions.  A few days after the session, I will contact you to offer you the chance to ask questions that may have arisen, and if so, we will schedule a 20 minute phone or video call to discuss.
  • Subsequent sessions will follow the same pattern, according to your body’s needs.
  • Sessions last 75 minutes and are charged at 120 chf per 60 minutes pro rata (150chf). (plus support phone/video call)

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